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Through this website and the COVID-19 Risk Calculator Project we hope to bring focus to those issues that matter most in this crisis. Creating tools that comminicate the facts we all need to take control and shed the fear and anxiety. At the same time we want to support those who need help the most – frontline workers and the underprivileged, who will bear the brunt of this fight and suffer the most.

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We welcome your help. We are looking for contributers with knowledge and skills in research, writing, programming, design, social media and anyone with expertise in health and medicine. We have designated this as  “Project” because we know this needs the help of many to make it everything it can be. Use our  Contact Form to let us know.

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We want our calculator to be fully-accessible, so it will remain completely free to the public. We are offsetting our costs as much as possible with advertising, but it takes a lot to keep this going. If you like what we are doing, and have the means to support us, please let us know so we can arrange a donation.

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Read and comment on our blog posts to further our knowledge and understanding, and share the links to bring more people into the fold.

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We offer banner advertising on this website and blog posts, which due to the popularity of the subject matter and usefulnes of our calculator tool, promises tremendous exposure. Contact us through our form below.

Support a Charity

We are looking to select a few of the most effective and efficient charities that are supporting the frontline workers and underprivileged who really need our help in this crisis. Contact us below with your suggestions and check back in a few weeks once we have made our selections.

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