The Mission: to Empower and Motivate

The mission of is to explore the most effective and efficient ways to communicate critical information. By developing calculators, we hope to actively engage individuals with the purpose of imparting real, timely, specific information that helps them learn, understand and apply the real measures that will keep them as safe and secure as possible.

How to Communicate Most Effectively and Efficiently in Times of Crisis

Facts are important, and science is essential, but we cannot overlook the role of effective communication. The purpose of this project is not only to produce helpful tools but to explore the best ways to impart critical information with clarity and maximum impact. We are being bombarded with statistics, projections, and opinions from every direction, every minute of the day. In a crisis, we need to focus on those facts which are relevant, pertinent and actionable. is more than a risk calculator, it will be a unique resource the pulls the latest directives and data and gives the public the means to quickly understand how it impacts their lives. YRS is about encouraging people to take control by knowing exactly what they can and should be doing for themselves, for their communities, and for our future.

Poor and ineffectual communication has likely already claimed the lives of too many and it is likely to continue. There are also various ways to craft messages to be more readily received and adopted. We’ve seen facts presented in a manner that invokes fear, and the same facts presented in a way to spread hope and inspire action. It is our intention to present the facts in a way that promotes empowerment and leads ultimately to stopping the spread and saving lives.

Our approach will encourage better retention and adoption through active learning. By interacting with our tools, Individuals will get information tailored to them that cuts through the clutter and distractions and delivers exactly the messages they need to hear.

Where This All Began…

Mike RobinsonLike you, my world was turned upside down in March of 2020. As a life-long marketing person, primarily writing and designing corporate websites, I realized that new clients would likely be difficult to come by. I also had a strong desire to use my skills to help in some way during this crisis. My first idea was to design and propagate infographics to promote precautionary and preventative measures, but a quick search revealed a glut of excellent infographics already available.

So, a few days passed, and while I developed a head cold I could only assume was, for sure, the coronavirus, I laid in bed with CNN on my TV, my computer on my lap, and an ever-growing sense of doom. But as I settled on my favorite YouTube channels, podcasts, and news sources, I developed a more hopeful outlook. Knowing the facts and understanding the real statistics eased my mind. Then I researched just how much was actually within my control and that lightened my mood even more.

As my cold symptoms dissipated, I came up with the idea of a personal risk score; a calculator that would incorporate all my relevant personal information combined with the relevant scientific data to give me an understandable, meaningful and actionable number. Now, I am not a doctor, a scientist or a statistician. I am a communications person, so I took the perspective that where I could help is by creating a tool that would serve a valuable communications need – namely, to quell the rampant fear and anxiety and give people a sense of control.

From there, I turned to my circle of friends and colleagues to get feedback and advice. That, in itself, made the endeavor worthwhile, because I was able to engage some very smart people in conversation and we were able to share our knowledge and ideas as well as our fears and anxieties.

A search revealed that there was nothing out there quite like I envisioned, so I purchased some good domain names and set out to design and build a prototype. Welcome to the COVID-19 RISK CALCULATOR Project!

Mike Robinson
Founder of