The COVID-19 Risk Calculator


Help us build a RISK CALCULATOR to provide the public with a simple, visual way to evaluate their own personal risk of contraction, hospitalization, and mortality.

Get Your COVID-19 Risk Score

The goal of this project is to create a viable RISK CALCULATOR that will allow individuals to answer a series of questions and end up with a simple, understandable RISK SCORE. Their personal RISK SCORE can be compared to a maximum potential score, the score of other participants and eventually the population at large. At first, the questionnaire will focus on situational and behavioral factors the participant can control, and eventually fold in the verified scientific data as it becomes available to give people a complete and comprehensive understanding of their risk level.

Be Part Of OurMission To Save Lives

1. Know The Facts

Help us combat fear and anxiety of the Coronavirus pandemic by providing a tool to assess an individual’s personal risk, and show just how much control we actually have over our own situation and behavior and reduce our level of risk.

2. Take Control

Create an interactive tool that encourages active learning. By creating an easy questionnaire, everyone can see the important questions and understand exactly what precautions and preventative measures they can be taking to protect themselves and others.

3. Stop The Spread

By enabling individuals to understand and embrace the science through the prism of their own particular situation, this tool will encourage better adoption of precautionary measures. The more people we can get to conform and comply, the better we can slow and stop this pandemic.

4. Save Lives

Knowledge is power. The COVID-19 Risk Calculator is intended to engage people to take a more active role in their own protection. With a clear RISK SCORE and the means to improve it, the goal is that we build a tool that will ultimately save lives!

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